In Memory of Our Stars In The Sky Class of 1976

Stars In the sky

in memory of our friends who have passed away

from the class of 1976

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In Memory of Hezekiah Adams (Vocal 1976)


1958- March 2012


In Memory of Michael Bailey ('76 Vocal)
In Memory of Lindsey Ann Brown (Vocal Class of 1976)
In Memory of Bessie Virginia Catchings Cowling (Vocal 1976)


December 7, 1957-December 30, 1989


In Memory of Eddy Eddins (Drama 1976)
In Memory of Kevin Dale Jones (Dance 1976)
In Memory of Lionel Gerard Lenton (Drama 1976)
In Memory of Lawrence John McBride (Vocal 1976)
In Memory of Craig Smith (Instrumental 1976)




In Memory of Edward Lionel Vasquez (Drama 1976)
In Memory of Yulanda Ward (Media 1976)




Yulanda passed away November 2, 1980.  It appears that her murder was more of an assissination disguised as a robbery. 


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