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Dorothy Leach, Mathematics, Founding Faculty. Known proponent of afternoon tea, computers and classical music!
Dorothy Leach - Founding Faculty, HSPVA
Dorothy Leach - Founding Faculty, HSPVA
Celia Nolte Anklesaria (Drama class of '76) and William Wagisbach at class of 1976 30th reunion (May 2006)
Birdia Churchwell, Scott Gehman (class of '75) May 2006
Linda Schuler, Celia Nolte, Lynn Doyle (May 2006)
Mrs. Rice, Tab Myers, Mr. Frank Rice, Mike Martin (May 2006)
Pat Bonner, Mike Reid, Robert Megna (May 2006)
Everett Moran and Mr. Rice (May 2006)
Media Dept: Martin Morin, KC Hardcastle, Kathy Chatmon, Donna Edmondson, Mr. L. Anderson, Glenn Enoch (May 2006)
Vocal Dept: Ms. Pat Bonner, Merianne Prickett (76), John Sweeney (77), Stuart Papavassiliou (77), Stephanie A. Dory (75), Mike Reid (76), Lisa Pearson (76), Debbie Duncan (76), Denise Freeman Covin (76) May 2006
Mr. William Wagisbach with the Art Dept.: Virgil Cox, Lynn Doyle, Susan Fletcher King, Brian Keeper (May 2006)
Mrs. Mary Martha Lappe with the dance department (May 2006)
(May 2006) Drama Dept with Ms. Linda Schuler and Mr. Frank Rice: Jeff Wayt, Jinx Mabry Hayden, Jay Blumberg, Brenda Isaacs Booth, Gene Gould, Mary Schiefen, Celia Nolte Anklesaria, Sharon Reingold Rauch, Cathy Goldman Chacko
Mr. Frank Rice and "Lady Liberty" NYC Drama Trip 1975
Ms. Lela Blount in NYC for Drama trip 1975
Ms. Linda Schuler makes a "Dramatic" point in 1975
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rice in "Chinatown" NYC Drama trip 1975
Larry B. Mers caught in the act!
Larry B. Mers
Mr. Rice makes a point
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