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Paula Young (drama '76)

TBT - prom. 1976. My actual date, the fellow tagged, decided he simply had to go back to his ex-girlfriend this very same week, leaving me in the lurch. As luck had it, his younger brother was available, and thus, became my handsome escort. That dress, btw, was very popular - the exact one, in different colors, was chosen by at least 5 other attendees, including 2 teachers. HUGE thanks to my long time bestie Anne Gibbons Eisner, for finding this.


1976 Jennifer Lewis and Craig Smith

My father took this photo before Craig and I left for the prom.  A grand evening!

Jennifer Lewis Bennett
1976 Jay Blumberg and Pearl (?)

I only had the opportunity to be at HSPVA for one Magical Year!. Besides being very shy, everyone was already pretty well matched up. I found a date for the Prom outside of the school. She was a Junior at Bellaire High School and had to be home early for a test the next day. Reguardless, we had a wonderful time. If anyone recognizes her, I'd love to know her last name. Gene Gould and I also threw a Graduation Party prior to Prom.

Jay Blumberg
Julie Scott and JimVukovich- I neglected to mention the other half (me!) lol

OOPS!   ;-)   Honestly, I wasn't trying to hog up space with extra pics! THIS pic shows us actually there, though.

Julia Scott
What a fun night! Jim Vukovich and I had a terrific time (while we were there)

I remember we were there long enough to get our phot taken as proof, anyhow. Good times....

Julia Scott
Julie Burch 1978
1978 Marc Meyers and Kimberly Robinson
1978 Marc Meyers
1979 Barry Coffing and Denise Rosenblatt Laws
Virgil Cox and Cathleen Read
Alison Keller at the 1976 Prom

Alison was a vocal major. We carpooled a lot because we lived only a few blocks from each other.

Jeff Wayt
Prom at the Galleria, 1976

"Beaver" Gilmore & Jeff Wayt pose for an historic moment. Jeff's parents crashed the party to sneak a few snaps.

Jeff Wayt
The Two Valedictorians

Tom Garvey, Elyane Laussade were my prom dates. They were the valedictorians that year. We went swimming in my pool in the wee hours of the night and paid a visit to House of Pies, where we saw Mr. Orlando. I ordered French Blackbottom pie in honor of Elyane's French heritage....just to be a little silly.

I met Tom for lunch in Boston in 1991 and I've corresponded a little with Elyane who is now living in Australia, performing her wonderful piano concerts.


Connie Rose Malone
Prom 1978

Posted in "Photos Then" album by Cathy (Cathleen) Read

Senior Prom May 1974

Leath Nunn and I went to Prom and had a blast.  then we drove to Quintana Beach in Leath's Pinto with a gallon of vodka under the seat!  That's all I remember!  LOL!

Betsy (Ann) Adams
Don Latham & Melody Rea in Nostalgic dress at 1st Dance at HSPVA

We had permission to have our first Dance at Levy Hall on campus. The attire was 1940's and Bette Midlar sang the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy over the P.A. We were all young actors with stars in our eyes. Don Latham ( my date) was our Charlie in the Charlie Brown Production in 1972. Went on to write songs under his stage name Paul Southerland. I was best know as the role of Eulalie Schinn the Mayor's wife..."BALZAC", more photos of that coming!!! Such fun remembering all of this simple stuff...

Melody Rea
Class of 1974 first official Prom Dance 1940's style photos

This was the very first on-campus Dance for the students in Class of 74. We all dressed as 1940 attire. Don Latham was my (Melody Rea's) date. Brian Pinette was a great follower of Lillian Gish and idilized that era. We danced and carried on in the Dance Hall and will never forget how exciting it was. Would love to see if anybody else has more photos!C'mon dig deep, I know you do!!!

Melody Rea
Senior prom 1974. from left to right: Steve Estes ('75), Gayle Garcia ('74), Linda Madsen ('74), John Cramer ('75)
Megan McGavran Freemantle & Jinx Mabry Hayden Class of 1976 Prom

It was the year 1976.  Ron Hayden (far right) was my date to the prom and my husband.  We double dated with my best friend in high school Megan McGavran now Freemantle and Steve Schroeder. My memories of that night are such a blur. I do remember that Ron insisted on wearing his desert boots...remember those?

Well I declare, can you believe that our daughter says our dresses look like they were made out of granny's curtains.  Not far from true...I did make my dress but that fabric was the "in" thing and found at our local Hancock store!  Ron and I have two kids and two grandsons.

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