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This extraordinary moment in the history of The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts took place on Sunday, December 14th from 2:00-3:30pm at 790 Austin Street, Houston, Texas 77002 city block bordered by Capitol, Caroline, Rusk and Austin. There were special performances by HSPVA students.

Enjoy the album (photographs by David DeHoyos) and View the following video for captured moments:

New Campus 790 Austin Street downtown Houston facing once again Austin Street! image courtesy of Gensler
Mary Martha Lappe and Jeff Wayt at the groundbreaking.
Shovels and hardhats are ready!
This Shovel will be auctioned off by HSPVA Friends...
Crowd gathering while being entertained by the students.
Just a few of the alumni that hung around to the end with faculty...
Vocal music students did a great job even with the wind picking up...
Were we EVER that young?
Dr. Scott Allen, Principal of HSPVA
Bob Singleton (Drama Faculty) and Pat Bonner (Vocal Music Faculty)
Three HSPVA Principals...sure wish Mrs. Denney could have been there.
Larry Trout, Assistant Principal
Claude Bitner III, Vocal Class of 1974
Rendering and floorplans
Distinguished Alum keynote speaker Devyn A. Tyler best known for "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (2008), 12 Years of Slave (2013), The Great Debaters (2007). She was also 2009 Presidential Scholar.
David Whorten in the red shirt (Vocal class of 1975) and Larry Trout
Ms. Patricia Bonner, Vocal Teacher and still teaching at the school!
Margaret Rose Elledge Simons
Bob Singleton, Mary Martha Lappe, Jinx Mabry Hayden (Drama class of 1976)
Michael Martin (Drama 77), Margaret Rose Elledge Simons, Jinx Mabry Hayden (Drama 76) , Mr. Lawrence Anderson (Asst. Principal, Benette Mukulin Rowley (Media 76), Jeff Wayt (Drama 76)
We Love you Mr. Anderson
Karen Stokes (Dance Class of 1979) and Courtney Jones...they still have it...Dancers
Megan McGavran Freemantle (Drama 76) & Karl Deward Bowles (Drama 78)
Geoffrey Scott Baskir (Instrumental Music 1974)
Dan Stoecker (Media Class of 1975)
Our photographer...David DeHoyos (Media Class of 1981)..Also the Reunion Media Director! WE LOVE YOU DAVID!
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